Top 35 Plays of 2015: #14 - Dobbs to Kamara

The number 14 play in our countdown to determine the best plays of Tennessee’s 2015 season is Alvin Kamara’s first touchdown reception against Georgia.

With thirty seconds left in the first half, the Vols trailed the Georgia Bulldogs 24-10. After a Georgia fumble, Tennessee had the ball inside the three yard line and in a great position to score.

Georgia had been calling Cover Zero all game any time the Vols got the ball inside the five yard line. Cover Zero is a pure man blitz, with five defenders playing man coverage and the other six rushing the quarterback.

To counter the Cover Zero, the Vols’ called their goal line version of the Snag route concept. The premise is simple. The #3 receiver will run a quick flat route, while the two outside receivers will run inside. Their routes are designed to create a natural rub on the defender assigned to the #3 receiver. This should leave him wide open in the flat versus man coverage.

Vols offensive coordinator Mike DeBord put running back Alvin Kamara in the slot as the #3 receiver. This is a great use of Kamara’s skills. The back has soft hands and is as quick as any receiver on the roster, making him a great option on the flat route.

On the snap, the two outside receivers ran inside, essentially picked the man assigned to Kamara, and Tennessee’s back was wide open in the flat.

Josh Dobbs rolled out to avoid the blitz and hit Kamara for an easy touchdown.

This was a great playcall by DeBord, and it was perfectly executed by the team. Kamara was wide open because DeBord found a play that perfectly exploited the Bulldogs’ scheme.

This touchdown brought the Vols within seven points, and set up Tennessee for a historic upset.

For more on Mike DeBord’s  adjustments to the Bulldogs’ Cover Zero scheme in the red zone, you can read HERE.

Red Zone

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