The Butch Jones/Tennessee Offense Part 4: Screen Game

This is part four of a series detailing Butch Jones’ offense at Tennessee. Parts one through three covered the zone running game, packaged plays, and other running plays, and part four will detail the Vols screen game. Tennessee does not go to screen passes often, but they will use them on occasion to attack an overaggressive defense, so it is important that we examine what the Vols are doing when they run a screen. Continue reading “The Butch Jones/Tennessee Offense Part 4: Screen Game”

Tennessee Attacks 2 Under in 2 Minute Drill

With 1:17 left in the first half, Tennessee had the ball at their own 17 yard line and trailed to the Georgia Bulldogs, 21-10. Georgia was set to get the ball to start the second half and had scored a touchdown on each of their previous 3 possessions, so the Vols desperately needed a quick drive to put points on the board and keep the game close.

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Red Raiders Dial Up Swing Screen

The Texas Tech Red Raiders lost to  the Oklahoma State Cowboys 45-35 on Thursday night. Halfway through the third quarter, down 28-14, Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury used some misdirection to catch the Cowboys off guard and get the ball in the end zone. The Red Raiders faked a jet sweep and then threw a swing screen to the opposite side. Oklahoma State’s defenders overreacted to the jet sweep action and running back Justin Stockton was able to score from 17 yards out. Continue reading “Red Raiders Dial Up Swing Screen”

Vols Almost Score on Fake Bubble

Something that Tennessee does a lot is run inside zone with the slot receiver on the backside running a bubble screen. When you run this play as much as the Vols do, you must have constraint plays to prevent the defense from being overaggressive on your base plays. Against Arkansas State, Tennessee unveiled one of their counters to the bubble screen. While the pass was ultimately incomplete, it was a well drawn up play and worth a second look.

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