How Did Mike DeBord Set Up His Second Touchdown?

Tennessee barely squeaked out a 27-24 win over South Carolina this past weekend. They didn’t play their best game, but made plays when it mattered most. Something that jumped out to me from the game was a connection between the Vols’ first and second touchdowns. Offensive coordinator Mike DeBord did a brilliant job of setting up the second touchdown with the first one, so I want to take a look at both plays, and why the second one worked so well. Continue reading “How Did Mike DeBord Set Up His Second Touchdown?”

The Vols New Dual Sweep Play

Two weekends ago, the Tennessee Volunteers unveiled a new dual sweep play. This was a play that was recently added to the playbook by head coach Butch Jones and offensive coordinator Mike DeBord. The Vols only ran the play twice versus Alabama, both first down runs, but brought the play back multiple times this past weekend versus the Kentucky Wildcats. Kentucky had no answer to the Vols scheme, as Tennessee went for over 20 yards on this play multiple times, including a 28 yard touchdown run by quarterback Josh Dobbs. So what is this dual sweep play and why is it so effective? Continue reading “The Vols New Dual Sweep Play”