Welcome to Philly: The Eagles New Arial Attack with Sam Bradford

One of the more shocking moves of the 2015 NFL offseason came when Eagles head coach Chip Kelly traded his starting quarterback Nick Foles, who was only one year removed from his 27 touchdown/2 interception season, along with a second round pick for the oft injured Rams quarterback, Sam Bradford. The St. Louis quarterback was formerly a number one overall draft pick, but has not played since halfway through the 2013 season due to two left ACL injuries. In the Rams’ offense, Bradford was never consistently surrounded by great talent, and the scheme changed on an almost yearly basis. Bradford had some decent games, but never really stood out in the limited offense. Kelly’s quarterback gamble was clear: Hope that the injury prone quarterback could rekindle the magic that made him the number one overall draft pick now that he is in the Eagles up-tempo attack, where there are better skill players and linemen than who Bradford ever played with in St. Louis. Continue reading “Welcome to Philly: The Eagles New Arial Attack with Sam Bradford”