How Poor Game Management Cost the Vols Versus Florida - Part 2

After falling 28-27 to the Florida Gators, there are quite a few Tennessee Volunteer fans concerned about Butch Jones and the coaching staff. The Vols loss came after Tennessee gave up a 13 point lead in the fourth quarter, the second time in three games that Tennessee has led by 13 or more in the fourth and blown their lead. So what’s going on? Are the coaches really to blame? This post aims to examine what went wrong and how Coach Jones can fix it. Continue reading “How Poor Game Management Cost the Vols Versus Florida - Part 2”

Missouri Tricks Arkansas, Scores 2

In their 21-14 win over the Arkansas Razorbacks, the Missouri Tigers ran one of the best 2 point conversion plays of the season. The play involved all sorts of trickeration, as there was a direct snap to the running back, reverse to the slot receiver, then a throw back to the split end for the score. So how did Missouri offensive coordinator Josh Henson dream up this play? Continue reading “Missouri Tricks Arkansas, Scores 2”