Red Raiders Dial Up Swing Screen

The Texas Tech Red Raiders lost to  the Oklahoma State Cowboys 45-35 on Thursday night. Halfway through the third quarter, down 28-14, Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury used some misdirection to catch the Cowboys off guard and get the ball in the end zone. The Red Raiders faked a jet sweep and then threw a swing screen to the opposite side. Oklahoma State’s defenders overreacted to the jet sweep action and running back Justin Stockton was able to score from 17 yards out. Continue reading “Red Raiders Dial Up Swing Screen”

The Butch Jones/Tennessee Offense Part 1: Zone Running Scheme

This is part one in a multiple part series that is going to take a look at the Tennessee offense and try to breakdown the schemes that the Vols are running under head coach Butch Jones.

The first and most important aspect of Tennessee’s offense is the zone running game. The inside and outside zone run plays are used more than any other play in the Vols’ offense. Continue reading “The Butch Jones/Tennessee Offense Part 1: Zone Running Scheme”

Kelly Adds More Packaged Plays

In 2013, Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles took the NFL by storm. Philadelphia’s offense set multiple records and had a great deal of success. Part of the Eagles success was due to the multitude of packaged plays that Kelly liked to run. So far in 2014, Kelly has introduced 3 brand new packaged concepts that should make this offense more dangerous. Continue reading “Kelly Adds More Packaged Plays”

What Happened on Worley’s Fumble?

One of the most critical plays in the Tennessee-Oklahoma game came early in the first quarter when Tennessee quarterback Justin Worley was sacked and lost a fumble. At the time, Oklahoma was only ahead 3-0 and the Vols were driving. This turnover swung the momentum in the Sooners direction and it was a long time before Tennessee got it back. Continue reading “What Happened on Worley’s Fumble?”