Red Wolves Use Reverse, Fake Reverse to Score

Arkansas State head coach Blake Anderson has gained a bit of a reputation for running trick plays. The Red Wolves have attempted a fake punt, flea flicker, and double pass, among other misdirection plays, so far this season. A reverse and fake reverse may not seem like much of a trick compared to some of these other plays, but those have perhaps been A-State’s most successful “trick” plays this season. Continue reading “Red Wolves Use Reverse, Fake Reverse to Score”

Red Wolves Score Easy Touchdowns on Y Trail

On Saturday, the Arkansas State Red Wolves dominated  the Georgia State Panthers in a 52-10 win. The Red Wolves’ tight ends combined for three receiving touchdowns in the game. Two of those three scores came on a well designed goal line pass play drawn up by head coach Blake Anderson and the Red Wolves coaching staff. Continue reading “Red Wolves Score Easy Touchdowns on Y Trail”