How Did Bajakian Scheme Receivers Open vs. Bama?

The Tennessee Volunteers saw a lot of success on the ground versus Alabama. When quarterback Josh Dobbs was inserted into the game, the scheme completely changed and the Vols had their best game of the season rushing the ball. There were some new running plays, and the offense was more effective as a whole. This was also evident in the passing game as offensive coordinator Mike Bajakian called some creative plays that we had not seen before (or rarely seen) to get receivers wide open for Dobbs. Continue reading “How Did Bajakian Scheme Receivers Open vs. Bama?”

How Did Dobbs Change the Tennessee Offense?

When quarterback Justin Worley was ruled out of the Tennessee-Alabama game with an injury, Vols head coach Butch Jones selected backup quarterback Nathan Peterman as the starter. After two ineffective series, Jones pulled Peterman for third stringer Josh Dobbs.

Dobbs did what no one was expecting; he threw for nearly 200 yards and rushed for 75 against one of the best defenses in the country. How was Dobbs able to play this well in his first game of the season, while facing the talented Crimson Tide defense?

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Part 2: Tennessee Defense vs. Ole Miss: How Did the Vols Get Pressure on Wallace?

(This is a continuation of a post from yesterday on Tennessee’s defense versus Ole Miss) While the Tennessee Volunteers lost 34-3 to the Ole Miss Rebels, the game was not a total disappointment for the Vols. Tennessee’s defense is significantly improved this season, and despite giving up 34 points, they played very well versus the Rebels. Continue reading “Part 2: Tennessee Defense vs. Ole Miss: How Did the Vols Get Pressure on Wallace?”

All-22: How did Kelly Gameplan for New York?

In their 27-0 win over the New York Giants, the Philadelphia Eagles had success by showing some new looks on offense. Head coach Chip Kelly always does a very good job at making small adjustments to his offense to attack each specific defensive scheme. This game was no different, as Kelly pulled out a brand new run play, brand new formation, and a rarely used pass play to attack the Giants. Continue reading “All-22: How did Kelly Gameplan for New York?”

Another Game, Another Great Special Teams Performance in Philadelphia

Last week, James Casey blocked a punt and Chris Maragos returned it for a score. The week before, Darren Sproles ran a punt back for a touchdown and a Trey Burton blocked punt led to a Brad Smith touchdown. Three weeks ago, Chris Polk took a kickoff all the way for a score.

While the Philadelphia Eagles failed to score a touchdown on special teams versus the New York Giants, they still had a few big plays in the kicking game. Philadelphia’s special teams has become perhaps the brightest shining spot on a 5-1 team and ranks as one of the best in the league.The Eagles two biggest plays against the Giants both came from the punt return team; first when Darren Sproles returned a punt 43 yards, and second when Chris Maragos partially blocked a punt.

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The Butch Jones/Tennessee Offense Part 4: Screen Game

This is part four of a series detailing Butch Jones’ offense at Tennessee. Parts one through three covered the zone running game, packaged plays, and other running plays, and part four will detail the Vols screen game. Tennessee does not go to screen passes often, but they will use them on occasion to attack an overaggressive defense, so it is important that we examine what the Vols are doing when they run a screen. Continue reading “The Butch Jones/Tennessee Offense Part 4: Screen Game”