Vols Add New Pin and Pull Sweep

From a scheme standpoint, Tennessee’s offense is almost the same in 2015 with new offensive coordinator Mike DeBord as it was in 2014 under Mike Bajakian. Tennessee was especially vanilla with playcalling in their 59-30 win over Bowling Green, just using their base run concepts and few downfield passes. One change to the playbook stood out however. The Vols now have a new run play: the pin and pull sweep. This is not a new play for most college football fans, especially those familiar with the Chip Kelly/Mark Helfrich Oregon Ducks/Philadelphia Eagles offense, but it was a look Tennessee had never shown before. Continue reading “Vols Add New Pin and Pull Sweep”

Vols Tight Ends Excel vs. Kentucky

One of the biggest differences in the Tennessee Volunteer offense from 2013 to 2014 is the use of the tight end position in the passing game. In 2013, the Vols tight ends combined for 15 catches and 98 yards. In 2014, the Vols tight ends have combined for 32 catches and 337 yards through 10 games.

As a group, Tennessee’s tight ends probably had their best game of the season against Kentucky. Ethan Wolf, Daniel Helm, and Alex Ellis all made plays in the passing game, and also added some key blocks, in the Vols 50-16 win. Continue reading “Vols Tight Ends Excel vs. Kentucky”

Kelly Adds More Packaged Plays

In 2013, Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles took the NFL by storm. Philadelphia’s offense set multiple records and had a great deal of success. Part of the Eagles success was due to the multitude of packaged plays that Kelly liked to run. So far in 2014, Kelly has introduced 3 brand new packaged concepts that should make this offense more dangerous. Continue reading “Kelly Adds More Packaged Plays”

What Happened on Worley’s Fumble?

One of the most critical plays in the Tennessee-Oklahoma game came early in the first quarter when Tennessee quarterback Justin Worley was sacked and lost a fumble. At the time, Oklahoma was only ahead 3-0 and the Vols were driving. This turnover swung the momentum in the Sooners direction and it was a long time before Tennessee got it back. Continue reading “What Happened on Worley’s Fumble?”