Bajakian Calls for Dig in 2 Minute Drill

Late in the fourth quarter against South Carolina, the Tennessee Volunteers were in a tough spot. Sophomore quarterback Josh Dobbs was starting his first game of the season, and the Vols were down 7 points at their own 15 yard line with 1:23 left in the game and no timeouts to work with. So what did Dobbs do? He promptly drove the Vols all the way down the field for a touchdown. This put the game into overtime, where the Vols would eventually come out on top. So how did Dobbs and offensive coordinator Mike Bajakian pull off this brilliant two minute drill? Continue reading “Bajakian Calls for Dig in 2 Minute Drill”

How Did the Vols Attack the Gamecocks Defense?

In their 45-42 overtime win over South Carolina, the Tennessee Volunteers had their most effective game of the season on offense. Starting for the first time this season, quarterback Josh Dobbs set Tennessee records and was named as the Player of the Week by multiple publications for his performance. Dobbs rushed for 166 yards and 3 scores, while throwing for 2 more touchdowns and 301 yards. Freshman running back Jalen Hurd rushed for a season-high 125 yards, while also leading the team with 7 receptions. Continue reading “How Did the Vols Attack the Gamecocks Defense?”

How Did Croom Get So Wide Open?

The Tennessee Vols just completed the third best 4th quarter comeback in school history. They came back from down 14 to South Carolina, scoring 14 in the final 1:50 of regulation before winning in overtime, 45-42.

The play of the game came with just seconds left in regulation as quarterback Josh Dobbs hit a wide open Jason Croom for the tying touchdown. So how did Croom get so wide open? Continue reading “How Did Croom Get So Wide Open?”