Top 35 Plays of 2015: #4 – Josh Dobbs’ Diving Score

The number 4 play in our countdown to determine the best plays of Tennessee’s 2015 season is Josh Dobbs’ diving score against Northwestern.

Sometimes a play is run perfectly. The players execute exactly as the coaches drew it up and the opposing team is left helpless.

Sometimes, a play is derailed from the start and the ball carrier is essentially left to fend for himself.

This play was the latter. With 11:52 remaining in the Outback Bowl, Tennessee faced a third-and-two from the Northwestern eighteen yard line.

The playcall was for a simple inside zone run for tailback Jalen Hurd to the left. With only two yards needed, Mike DeBord just wanted to put the ball in the hands of his power back.

Unfortunately, things went south right off the bat, quarterback Josh Dobbs dropped a low snap, and the ball went rolling backwards. By the time Dobbs picked the ball up, he was nine yards behind the line of scrimmage and had no blockers in front of him.

Sometimes the best thing a coach can do is simply put the ball in the hands of a great player. Even though things had gone drastically wrong so far, the ball was in the hands of the Vols’ best player, and great players can make great plays.

Dobbs sprinted right and outran the defenders to the edge.  Dobbs hit the five yard line and started to lose his balance. With two defenders near, Dobbs had to tightrope his was down the sideline before leaping into the endzone, barely stretching the ball in front of the pylon.

This play earned Dobbs the #1 spot on SportsCenter’s daily top ten plays countdown, and the #4 spot on our list of the top plays of Tennessee football in 2015.

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