Pearson Scores on Triple Option

Tennessee’s first touchdown in their 50-16 win over the Kentucky Wildcats came on a new play for the Vols. Offensive coordinator Mike Bajakian dialed up an unconventional form of the triple option to get the ball in the hands of slot receiver Von Pearson, and the play resulted in a Vols score.

The main action on this play is a basic inside zone read. The third option comes with a jet sweep to the slot receiver. The quarterback has the option to flip the ball to the motioning receiver after the snap if the defense is no ready to defend the backside sweep.

Dobbs main read on this play was the middle linebacker. Every other front seven player was accounted for in this inside zone blocking scheme.UK H Jet 1.1When Pearson came in motion, Kentucky rolled their coverage in response.UK H Jet 1.2The middle linebacker stepped inside to defend the zone run, so Dobbs flipped the ball to Pearson on the jet sweep. Pearson was left one-on-one in the open field with Kentucky’s safety. Dobbs and running back Marlin Lane carried out their fake to hold the interior defenders.UK H Jet 1.3Pearson was able to juke the defender and send him to the ground.UK H Jet 1.5Pearson ran towards the end zone as the free safety came over to make one last attempt to stop him from scoring.UK H Jet 1.6Pearson made this safety miss as well, and he strolled into the checkerboard end zone.

Also, check out the bock by Marquez North. As Pearson is walking n for the score, North has driven the cornerback 22 yards downfield to the pylon and completely out of the play. This is great effort.UK H Jet 1.7This play is a little unconventional, but it is a nice way for the Vols to attack a defense. Pearson is dangerous in the open field and combining the sweep with the inside zone read is a great way to isolate Pearson. If the defense over shifts to the motion, the inside run will be open. But if the defense does not, they are stuck in an unfavorable matchup with Pearson facing a safety.


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