Tennessee Uses Double Move to Gain Big Yards

One of my favorite plays that Tennessee offensive coordinator Mike Bajakian has called this season is a roll out with an out-and-up double move. The Vols have gone to this play twice this season and both have gone for big gains for slot receiver Jonathan Johnson.

Tennessee lines up in a trips formation to run this play and quarterback Justin Worley rolls out to the trips side. The play starts out like a typical roll out. The outside receiver releases vertical while the two slot receivers both run out routes. The double move comes when the second slot turns his out into an out and up. This does a good job to play on tendencies because most roll outs are quick passes to the roll out side. Faking a quick pass will hopefully will take advantage of a defense that sits on the quick out.

The Vols unveiled this play earlier this season versus Georgia. Johnson lined up as the second slot and ran the double move.

UGA Out'n'Up 1.1 Johnson faked his out route before turning up the sideline, and the Georgia defensive back bit on it hard. Flanker Marquez North cleared out the sideline with his vertical route.UGA Out'n'Up 1.2With the defender attacking the out route, Johnson was able to get up the sideline and gain 24 yards on the playUGA Out'n'Up 1.3 The Vols ran this play for a second time against Chattanooga. This time they motioned slot receiver Von Pearson across the formation before snapping the ball.CHAT Out'n'Up 1.1 The play design was exactly the same, and Johnson was once again the receiver running the double move.CHAT Out'n'Up 1.2 Just like before, the defensive back jumped Johnson’s out route.CHAT Out'n'Up 1.3 This enabled Johnson to cut up the sideline and he was wide open. The defensive back couldn’t recover and, Worley completed the pass to Johnson for a touchdown.CHAT Out'n'Up 1.4This is a really nice play the Vols have run because it takes advantage of a defense’s tendency to jump the quick out. I am interested to see if Bajakian has a counter to this play now that he has shown it on film a few times. Regardless, I’d expect we see this action again before the season is over.


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