Vols Unveil “WildHurd” Formation

One of the new plays Tennessee showed against Georgia involved freshman running back Jalen Hurd lining up at quarterback and running with the ball.

The Vols lined up in a traditional doubles formation, but Hurd came into the game at quarterback while quarterback Justin Worley went to the bench.

The first time they showed this formation, the Vols ran outside zone with tight end Ethan Wolf executing a slice block. This is an easy adjustment because the line is just blocking as they always would on outside zone, but the quarterback is carrying the ball rather than the running back. Because Hurd is taking the direct snap, running back Marlin Lane is able to run outside and be a lead blocker.UGA WildHurd 1.1 Immediately the double teams are established at the point of attack by the linemen. Left tackle Kyler Kerbyson does a good job sealing off the edge and this allows Hurd to get outside.UGA WildHurd 1.2Hurd was able to use his speed to get around the edge and pick up 10 yards on the play.
UGA WildHurd 1.3

The Vols went back to this play later in the first quarter, but Kerbyson was flagged for a false start.

In the third quarter, the Vols once again put Hurd at quarterback and ran a similar play. They still ran outside zone for the quarterback, but this time the play was run away from the tight end.UGA WildHurd 2.1 This time the line does not do as good of a job at sealing the defensive linemen off.UGA WildHurd 2.2 Hurd was still able to use his speed to get to the sideline and he gained 8 yards on the play.

UGA WildHurd 2.3This is an neat adaption to the Vols offense and I’m curious to see how the coaches expand this package in future weeks. The install for this one play is simple because it is just basic outside zone with the quarterback running the ball. It will be interesting to see if Tennessee uses this package to run the option, give the ball to Lane, or even have Hurd pass the ball.


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