Vols Use Misdirection to Score Two

Late in their game versus the Georgia Bulldogs, Tennessee needed a 2 point conversion to get within a field goal of Georgia. The score was 28-23 Bulldogs, and Butch Jones called a misdirection play to catch Georgia off guard and get 2 points.

The Vols placed the ball on the left hash and originally lined up in a trey formation, strong to the left side. Quarterback Justin Worley then signaled for tight end Daniel Helm to motion across the formation from left to right.
UGA 2 Pt 1.1Once Helm was set, Worley then signaled slot receiver Pig Howard to motion across the formation to set up a trey formation, this time strong to the right.

This motion helped set up the play. The play called for Worley to roll out to his right while Howard, flanker Marquez North, and split end Josh Malone all ran routes to the right side. The intent of the roll out and receivers routes was to get the defense flowing to the right. Helm would then fake a block, then slip back across the field to the left side. If the defense bites on the misdirection, Helm should be wide open on the backside of the play for an easy score.UGA 2 Pt 1.2 Georgia was playing cover 0, a 6 man blitz with man coverage behind it. This is a common goal line coverage because there is less room to defend so less of a need for safeties helping out in coverage while the corners and linebackers play man.

Here, Georgia safety Quincy Mauger is responsible for Helm. Mauger reads the roll out and sees Helm faking a block so he begins to move right.

UGA 2 Pt 1.3 Helm then begins to slip back to the left. Mauger recognizes this, but by the time he recovers it’s too late. Helm is already a few steps ahead of him.UGA 2 Pt 1.4 The pass was slightly underthrown, so Helm had to slow down and make a leaping catch. He jumped up in the air, snagged the ball, and secured it as he fell to the ground.

UGA 2 Pt 1.5This is a very nice concept that Jones and offensive coordinator Mike Bajakian drew up for the Vols. The motion, roll out, and receivers routes all indicated to the defense that the play was going to the right. Helm was able to sneak back to the left side, catch the defense off guard, and make a great catch for the score.


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