Red Raiders Dial Up Swing Screen

The Texas Tech Red Raiders lost to  the Oklahoma State Cowboys 45-35 on Thursday night. Halfway through the third quarter, down 28-14, Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury used some misdirection to catch the Cowboys off guard and get the ball in the end zone. The Red Raiders faked a jet sweep and then threw a swing screen to the opposite side. Oklahoma State’s defenders overreacted to the jet sweep action and running back Justin Stockton was able to score from 17 yards out.

Texas Tech lined up in a split back formation with two receivers to the left and one to the right. Immediately before the snap, slot receiver Jakeem Grant came in motion towards quarterback Davis Webb as if the play was a jet sweep.TTU Swing 1.1

All three of the Cowboys linebackers plus their free safety came running down to the right side to defend the jet sweep. Webb faked the hand off and began drifting towards the right. While the entire offense was selling the action to the right, running back Justin Stockton slowly began to swing out to the left side. Left guard Alfredo Morales and center Jared Kaster dropped as if to pass protect, but then ran out to lead block for Stockton on the edge.TTU Swing 1.2

Webb threw the ball to Stockton for an easy completion. Kaster was able to easily block the strongside linebacker, while Morales was able to block the free safety. This left a wide open running lane for Stockton.TTU Swing 1.3

Finally, outside receiver Devin Lauderdale got a great block on the corner back and allowed Stockton to walk down the sideline untouched into the end zone. TTU Swing 1.4

This was a nice concept drawn up by Kingsbury and the Red Raiders’ coaching staff. The misdirection of the motion caught Oklahoma State off guard and the swing screen was the perfect way to attack them.


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