Vols Use Inverted Veer to Score Again

The Vols scored their first touchdown of the Utah State game on inverted veer, and they went back to a similar play to get their first points in the Arkansas State game. 

The concept is the same, but instead of bringing a receiver in motion for the sweep, the Vols just hand it to running back Jalen Hurd. Tennessee lines up in a trey formation with the tight end as a wing. The sweep is going to the strongside as both receivers and the tight end are lead blockers for Hurd. The line blocks down to the weakside and Worley has to option to pull the ball and run behind them.ASU Sweep 1.1

The strongside end is left unblocked for Worley to read. He crashes down to the inside, so it is an easy decision for Worley. He handed off to Hurd so he could run outside. The linebackers also flow inside which gives Hurd an advantage at getting to the edge. Tight end Ethan Wolf gets outside to block back on the strongside linebacker while slot receiver Von Pearson blocks down on the strong safety.

ASU Sweep 1.2

Their blocks are not great, but good enough for Hurd to get to the corner. Receiver Marquez North absolutely destroyed the corner on the play, driving him 4 yards deep in the end zone on his block. Hurd is able to get around the defense and walk in the end zone for a touchdown.

ASU Sweep 1.3

This inverted veer concept has been very successful for the Vols through the first 2 weeks of the season and I would expect we see it more and more as the year goes on. It is nice to see that Tennessee can use this concept out of many different formations with different players carrying the ball to keep the defense off guard.


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