Tennessee Packages Screen with Quick Pass

Here is another packaged play that Tennessee has run in each of their games so far this season. Rather combining a run and a pass like the previous packaged plays we looked at, this play packages a swing screen to one side with a quick pass to the other.

The Vols are lined up in a trey formation with a single receiver, Pig Howard, on the backside. Our running back, Jalen Hurd, is on the strong side.

The first option for quarterback Justin Worley on the play is a swing screen for Hurd to the right. Receivers Marquez North and Von Pearson block the defender in front of them while tight end Ethan Wolf is going to get wide then block the defensive end. Hurd runs a swing route and can catch the ball behind his 3 lead blockers.

The second option for Worley is to throw the ball to Pig. He is running an option route on the backside of the play. Howard will either run a hitch or a fade depending on what the cornerback does. If the corner is playing tight press coverage, then Pig reads it and runs a fade. If the corner bails and plays off coverage, then Pig converts the route to a quick hitch.

What Worley is going to do on this play is read the strong safety. If the Red Wolves are playing a 1 high coverage then the strong safety will be coming down in the box and be in position to defend the swing screen. With the strong safety coming down, the defense would have more defenders on the edge than the offense has blockers. However, with only 1 high safety, the backside receiver has a one on one matchup with the corner. The receiver is reading the corner to determine what route he should run, so he should be open.

If the defense stays in a 2 high safety coverage, then that means the backside corner will likely be playing tight press coverage because he has help over the top. So it would be very difficult to complete the quick pass to the backside receiver here. However, with the strong safety so deep, the offense now has enough blockers on the edge for the swing screen.ASU Swing Hitch 1.1

Right here, the defense lines up in a 2 high safety look but rotates to 1 high and plays Cover 3. Both corners bail and drop into deep coverage while the free safety drops to the deep middle and the strong safety comes down into the box. Worley sees the strong safety coming down and makes the throw to Howard, who is running a hitch because the corner is dropping deep.

Howard catches the ball and is able to make the corner miss and ends up gaining 9 yards before he was tackled to set up a 3rd and short.ASU Swing Hitch 1.2

Overall, this is a pretty effective packaged play because it puts the defense in a difficult situation to defend both options.


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