Split Slant: Vols Unveil New Packaged Concept vs Sooners

Tennessee unveiled another new packaged play last weekend in the game at Oklahoma.  This play is a really nice concept that puts the linebackers in a lot of conflict.

The Vols line up in a doubles formation with the tight end as a wing. The first option for quarterback Justin Worley is to hand off to the back on a split zone play. Split zone is just like inside zone for the offensive linemen and the back, but the H-Back is going to come from the playside to the backside at the snap to kick out the backside end. The second option for Worley is to pull the ball and keep it himself. He can treat this just like a traditional zone read play and read the end man on the line of scrimmage, the backside outside linebacker in this example.

If the linebackers are flowing down hard to defend the run, then Worley also has the option to pass the ball. The read is on the flat defender to the wide side. The slot receiver is going to run a bubble screen while the outside receiver runs a quick slant. This puts the flat defender in a bind just like the slant/flat concept does. The quarterback can just throw to whichever receiver the flat defender does not cover.OU IZ Slice Slant 1.1

Tennessee ran this play early in the game versus Oklahoma and had some success with it. In this example, we see the linebackers come down hard on the run so Worley pulls the ball out to throw it.

OU IZ Slice Slant 1.2

Worley keys the flat defender who sprints out hard to defend the bubble pass. The corner is playing off coverage so Malone is wide open on the slant.

OU IZ Slice Slant 1.3

This play is really effective because of how it attacks the defenses tendencies. Tennessee runs inside zone and bubble screen so much that the linebackers see zone and want to take it away while the flat defender wants to stop the bubble screen. This leads to the slant being wide open here. While this is the likely result, if the defense covers the slant then other options will be open. As long as the offense executes, this play will be tough to stop.


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